PhotoPaint 12 Mouse Issues


I had posted this to 2020 Suite forum and then discovered that PhotoPaint 12 issues are located here.

I am running PhotoPaint 12 on a Win 7 virtual machine. I was using PP 9, but it developed a brush tool problem,. The tool acted like the brush had been active when the cursor entered the image, not just at the click point. So, it created a smear across the image from the entry point of the brush to the click target. (this was the blend brush)

I updated to 12 since I had the disk, same problem. I noticed Win 7 was using the generic Windows mouse driver, so I installed the current Kensington driver for my trackball. Now when I click a brush the cursor just vanishes and I have to ctrl-alt-del to get to the Task Manager to restart Windows. I tried using a generic Win mouse but Win 7 freaked out and crashed, so I plugged the trackball back in.

Thanks in advance