Color Palette Appeareance Change

I'm getting frustated of this problem..i still couldn't figure out what happened with my color palette. The apearreance is totally change what i mean is possibly the brightness. Every single color in the color palette change and become a shocking color. But when i print it, they got printed normally as usual. I just don't know what to do with this. Desperately need your help guys. This problem is really annoying cause i can't see the true color i want to use in my design. They're all become a really shocking color and too bright than they supposed to be T____T For more details, you could see the printscreen of my color palette here :

  • Hi,

     You have color management turned off. You can go to Tools/Color Management dialog and select Default Settings preset ( at the very least enable the arrow from the central icon to the monitor ). Alternatively you can start the app holding F8 key pressed - this will replace all the app settings with factory defaults. Obviously not a good idea if you have your workspace customized though.

    How the color management got turned off I am not sure. Usually this is done by users by accident, just tying new settings, or following very popular advice to turn CM off, usually given by folks who have no clue about color management. In some workflows you can even get away with it, not likely in yours.


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