i want the label template in pdf to show all labels on the page as well as the cutlines!

Hello community,

thanks for the helpful comments in advance. Here is our latest issue:

To print labels we created a customized label template. Now we need to export the template in pdf, but not simply showing the one customized label. We need the pdf document to show multiple labels fitting on one page (in this case: 4x12) and to show the cuttingmarks for a cutplotter.

Who can help?

  • CorelDraw's publish to PDF does not support label templates, but you can print from CorelDraw to the device-independent postscript driver using a label template and then reimport the postscript to a new page.

    You probably need to add your cut lines to the label design.

    If you only wish to see the cut lines, you can use any colour. If you actually want to cut with it, you will need to find out the correct colour for the cutter. For example, there is a special colour named CutCountour which is available in the Roland Versaworks palette:

    If you use that, you will also need to ensure when you do the initial print from CorelDraw that it is set for native colour and not set to convert spot colours to CMYK:

    A possible alternative is to use a PDF print driver (Bullzip, Foxit) or acrobat distiller -- in which case you can print direct to PDF using the template. But you will probably find the first two do not preserve spot colours sutch as CutContour and will instead convert them to CMYK which may prevent the cutter from recognising them.

  • I use PDF Creator. You use it like you would a printer. In fact it appears as a printer. Once you set you labels up and you are ready to "print'", open Print Preview > General tab and select PDF Creator in the printer list and the your other options, Print.  Once it does its thing, save the file (PDF) and you are done. PDF Creator is available at no cost.

  • Just to update the thread for others: I also miss a decent pdf export. In X8 on Windows 10 the generic "Microsoft Print to PDF" driver totally mess up some of the fonts ("jagged" but obviously true vector curves). I've never seen this before in any app. Guess I'll have to hope it's not another Corel Draw issue (but it does look that way ;-) and try another PDF printer driver...