BIG Problem! Cannot open X3 files in X3...

Hi All,

Lately I am having problems opening most older files. Even files that are made on this machine with this exact version of CorelDraw.

The files are visible in their folders with complete details like size, date, version and everything, even a X3 thumbnail, but when I open the file CorelDraw opens and  I get a blank page named Drawing number so or so. Not the original file name.

I have used the CDR Open File Tool and that says the files are made up of and/or combined with files of an older version, which is most probably correct.

I have been using CorelDraw for some time now, I started with CD8 and I have based many a drawing on older drawings, which means I cannot open NONE of the files that were made up of a combination of older files.

This is a BIG problem as it concerns hundreds of files.

Please, Please, some one tell me they are not lost.

Thank you,