Memory leak in VBA macro

Who can help me find a memory leak?

I have a page on which a lot of PowerClip. I need to export each PowerClip to TIFF.

File name must be (sizeWidth x sizeHeight_NumberShop) - example: 594x841_Shop2.

My code is working but when it comes to the line: .PowerClip.EnterEditMode  - I have memory leak.

Sorry my English. Thanks.

My code:

Dim s As ShapeRange, sr As ShapeRange
Dim PwcObj As Shape, PwcObjectAll As Shape
Dim count As Integer
Dim toFind As String, toFindObval As String
Dim pwc As PowerClip
Dim W As String, H As String, IndName As String
Application.Optimization = True

Set PwcObjectAll = ActiveShape
Set s = ActiveSelectionRange

For Each PwcObjectAll In s.Shapes
     With PwcObjectAll
     Set PwcObj = ActiveShape
    .PowerClip.EnterEditMode    '<=PROBLEM HERE
    Set sr = ActiveSelectionRange.UngroupAllEx
    ActiveDocument.Unit = cdrMillimeter
   W = Fix(.SizeWidth)
   H = Fix(.SizeHeight)

       For Each PwcObj In sr.Shapes
             If PwcObj.Type = cdrTextShape Then
                If InStr(1, PwcObj.Text.Story, toFind) > 0 Or InStr(1, PwcObj.Text.Story, toFindObval) > 0 Then
                      OutputFile = fld + "\" + W + "x" + H + "_" + PwcObj.Text.Story
                End If
            End If
         Set PwcObj = Nothing
         Next PwcObj
     Set Filter = ActiveDocument.ExportBitmap(OutputFile + ".tif", cdrTIFF, cdrSelection, cdrCMYKColorImage, 0, 0, Resolution, Resolution, cdrNormalAntiAliasing, False, False, True, False, cdrCompressionLZW)
    Set Filter = Nothing
End With
Next PwcObjectAll
Application.Optimization = False