Printing issues in x3

Hello all! Im a newbie to these forums! I have a question conserning printing. Im 24, and I work for a new home marketing company for the past 7 years that uses corel draw to design all of our displays, logos, sign drawings etc. We have switched to corel x3 and we are expirencing a printing issue with out HP 5000PS.. It seems that if the file going over spools anything over 500mb our printer will dump it. This is not so good cause it seems that it is a size thing. If i print anything over 30" x 40" the printer will dump the file reguardless as to what the file is (vector or bitmap). Corel draw 12 never had an issue as sever as this. We reguarly printed files that would spool upwards of 1.5 - 1.7 gig... At first i thought it was an issue with my printer, but when saving back down to corel 12 it prints fine. I cannot find any settings that differ between the two, but there is definatly some printing differences. Has anyone else expirenced this sort of problem? Thanks sooo much in advance!!!