Print Preview shifts does not look like my screen I'm working in

Hello! I have CorelDraw X7 and I use it with my laser. My page size is 12"T x 20" W for all files. Recently, when I open a new project and plug in a design I want to laser, the Print Preview screen and subsequent printed (lasered in my case) design is shifted a few inches to the right. The top margin is consistent from the working window to the Print Preview/Print. I cannot for the life of me figure out what the problem is...

The printer is set to my laser (M300).

I cannot find anywhere that allows me to adjust any automatic page margins.

Any ideas on where else to look would be appreciated.

My older files that I worked on/saved in the past do not have this problem.

My working screen shows it lined up right where I want it to print (laser) on my media:

Then it shifts to the right in the Print Preview screen and it will print this way on the media also: