Ask Is there any way to install CorelDRAW X3 on Windows 10?

Is there any way to install CorelDRAW X3 on Windows 10?

Thanks in advance

  • The trick is to use the *.msi files (install cd:\CGS13, click on type to gather them together) instead of the automatic install. I used the setup.msi first (by itself it wouldn't run) and then did the en.msi (English, I think), the vba.msi and the FontNav.msi — don't do the ISUS.MSI I think it has to do with updates. You have to do the setup.msi first as the others will fault-out without it.
    I only installed CorelDraw as that's all that I use. Of course there were no shortcuts to the desktop installed, but that’s easy. This method may or may not work with other versions, I've no way to check.

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  • Be very careful with the "msi" method described. I did exactly that on a Windows 10 Home laptop and am now having to start over from scratch, reloading the operating system because of all the damage. I suspect it may work on the Windows 10 Pro edition, but I can tell you it will disable the Start menu, Cortana and other items on a Home edition. I would have saved money and time by simply upgrading to the latest version of CorelDraw. Wish I had now.