Cant open Illustrator (ai & eps) files in CDR 9

I bought some vector graphics that have been saved as Illustrator (ai and eps files) and my CorelDraw version 9 will not open them.  CRAP !!   I really don't want to purchase X7 for $400 and don't use CorelDraw enough to justify that investment.  Is there some way I can get these Illustrator files open and back to CDR9 so I can edit them ?

I want to be able to select the parts and pieces in these vector files so I can change the fills, shapes, etc..

Any ideas ?

Thanks !


  • CorelDRAW 9.0 is quite old for open newest version of EPS or Illustrator files. Neither CorelDRAW X7 can't save as version 9.0 The best solution is to open on an intermediate version (such as X5), then save as version 9.0.

    From my personal point of view, CorelDRAW 9.0 was the best version ever, but unfortunately the changes around the world makes almost impossible to use an old version

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