Cant open Illustrator (ai & eps) files in CDR 9

I bought some vector graphics that have been saved as Illustrator (ai and eps files) and my CorelDraw version 9 will not open them.  CRAP !!   I really don't want to purchase X7 for $400 and don't use CorelDraw enough to justify that investment.  Is there some way I can get these Illustrator files open and back to CDR9 so I can edit them ?

I want to be able to select the parts and pieces in these vector files so I can change the fills, shapes, etc..

Any ideas ?

Thanks !


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  • Tried Xara? Pretty solid and the current CorelDraw uses a lot of metaphors from it from back in the day when Corel licenced it so you'll find it very familiar to use. It's about 90 bucks for the lower tier version which is still a very capable graphics application. Other than that you could try distilling the files through Acrobat (or an Acrobat substitute such as 'Jaws') set to some of the older standards; or, as a last resort, install a PS printer driver set to 'print to file' drop the files into it and open the subsequent .PRN files in Draw 9. I used to export paragraph text that way in 9 to convert it to curves back when Draw was unable to convert paragraph text to curves properly. A somewhat circuitous way to work but it can get results. Finding the right PS printer driver, however, can be a bit of a chore. HTH