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bapelifestyle Posted: Fri, Feb 29 2008 21:08

Hello, how do I add a text watermark to an image?

I used the "Visible Watermark" option but the image always has an outline and I cant achieve the effect I want.

Whenever I add the text image using the Watermark option, the square outline of the image I add is clearly visible. I

 have attached an example of exactly how I want the effect to appear.

Thank you very much for your time.


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The easies way I know is to actually not use a watermark per se.

Select your text tool. Make certain that the "create mask from text" icon is selected.  Select your text size, font, and typeface. Type your watermark on the image (you are actually typing to create a mask here). Go to Effects - 3 D Effects - The Boss.  Select Mesa for your Drop off and make sure Invert is checked.  Play with the settings and when you are happy with i save it as a Preset named Watermark.

CTRL R will remove the mask when you are done.


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