OLE Object Word


I hava a MS word document with some corel draw objects in it.

My Corel Draw is 11.  My Word is 2002  SP3.  dont ask why I have this versions,  but I can not change. 

i do not know in which versions this document has been made.


If i now try to change one of these Corel Draw Object that are in the word, then I can choose between two problems:

I can Edit the OLE object:  When I am finished with editing, then the Drawn object is extremely large. first I thought the error was, that I just get a black Image. But then I realised, that the black area filling the complete page, is nothing else, than a black line running through the center of my drawing.

The second way is to open the object: Then I have exactly the oposite Problem: After closing the Corel Draw the drawing is concentrated on the center of the OLE Object. So the drawin is (in relation to the A4 page) about 2 mm wide.  If i now crop away the white space and blow up the center. then the drawin looks like hell.   A circle is then made out of about 5 unevenly distributed corners.

if I open or close them again, the problem remains. I have either a a picture that is extremely large or one, that is extremely small. 

I have to admit, that I'm not an experienced corel drawer. But IMHO it should be possible to define somwhere the "Area to display".   But I can not find out where.


GR Hemmi7