Anyone is having issues with Corel Photo-Paint 11 Clone Tool in Windows 10?

I have re-installed my copy of  Corel Photo-Paint 11 on my new computer with Windows 10. Everything seems to work fine, except the Clone Tool. When I click on it to use it, the clone cursor never positions where I want to, thus making it impossible to clone precise areas in my photos. Have you heard about this issue before? Any way it can be resolved?

  • Hello neri7; If you used CoerlDRAW you can send it to Photopaint any time you want. I have PP ver. 11 on
    a old computer we don't use any more. ( it was not to bad ) but the newer ver. are made for newer OS. Ver. of Corel. I would look at getting one of those, ver. 18 of draw will be out soon, and I'm sure there will be plenty of new mud flaps......... In Draw you can duplicate the drawing as many times as you need to. Windows 10 is a different ver. all to gather. As the OS gets newer and newer it needs newer programs to play with. Besides you know you would want to use the LATEST programs out.

  • I know this posting is a year old, but it gives those with older versions of Photopaint a way to sort this out. I have had the same problem running XP and then when I moved to Win 8.1 with Photopaint X3 with the cloning brush being offset to the left by a inch, it drove me crazy.
    I searched the Corel forum via Google and found a solution. Both times I migrated I also up dated my monitor, and changed the monitors Screen Display, making text larger due to the new higher resolution of my new screens.
    If I set it anywhere above 125% it causes the clone tool to be offset. I know there are many who need the larger text and this may not be a perfect solution, but it may help others.
    Open Windows Control Panel -
    Click on - Appearance and Personalization -
    Under Display - Click on - Make text and other items larger or smaller -
    Tick the tick-box - Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays
    Change setting to 125%
    Apply and then sign out of account and then sign back in, it should sort it out, if not reduce your setting to 100%. Hopefully this should do it.