Popup boxes off the monitor!

I am using Corel Draw 11 on WinXP.

I have a new problem where some of my popups like custom color palattes, etc are popping up somewhere out in space. I assume it's popping up somewhere off the screen that my pointer can't drag on to the main screen.

I have 2 monitors going - one laptop, one regular; even when I switch back to regular (one monitor), I still can't find it. Notebook actually does this too co it's not just Corel. With Notebook I can still expand to full screen though. I can't find a way to "find" these popup boxes and end up having to hit escape.

I would typically upgrade but I doubt that will happen anytime soon given these economic times. Our budgets are being slashed.

  • if you have a maximized view of your window, perhaps you can't access, but if you reduce the window's size you must see all items. Click on the top left corner, and choose "restore" or double click in the superior title bar

  • I do not use dual monitors so not sure if this is causing the issue. Check if by any chance you have changed the settings in Tools > Options > Work space > General > Center dialog boxes when displayed.

  • CorelDraw: Popup boxes off the monitor! (SOLVED all versions)

    I also had the same problem since long as I was using 2 monitors for designing on my Windows Machine. And every time I switched to my single in-built monitor screen, the CorelDraw popup dialogue boxes always opened up in an invisible screen which I couldn't see or control and the 'ALT + SPACE + M' (move) options also never worked while windows OS kept beeping the 'dinggg' sound which meant this operation cannot be performed. I had got used to this problem and used to try closing and restarting CorelDraw until one fine day I figured out a solution while I was working on my laptop the same problem happened. Every time this problem used to occur the solution I had to connect to my extended monitor and move all the popup dialogues into the screen of the Built-in monitor. But this time I was reluctant to follow the old steps and decided to spend a little time figuring out a permanent solution. I spent time thinking why this is happening and slowly I started to understand that the problem lies with CorelDraw understanding of extended displays. The CorelDraw application does not properly store information about disconnected monitors and continues to pop the dialogue boxes into the earlier known extended display which isn't connected anymore. Hence we do not see the popups and assume that the CorelDraw application has hanged which is not the case at all. The CorelDraw application has not hanged or stopped working, it is the popup dialogue window which has opened up in the extended monitor which CorelDraw's memory tells it to do so hence we experience Popup boxes going off the monitor. The extended monitor isn't connected as you are working on a Solo or Built-in monitor. So ultimately I concluded that the problem is with the settings of extended monitor and thus the solution appeared in my head. So I decided to try the following solution and Voila! It actually worked to my wonder.

    *** Here's my solution (Windows):

    Go to Settings >> System Settings >> Display Settings >> See where is Multiple Displays Tab >> Click on Extended Displays (Yes! Select it even if you are viewing on a single in-built monitor on your laptop or computer, Just select it)... Now check your trace dialogue, etc whichever pops out a window in CorelDraw. I am sure the popups will start appearing in the same screen here onwards.

    *** A More Simpler Solution (Windows):

    Just click the F5 button on your keyboard which is generally used for switching to Projector & External displays. You may see 4 options: (A) PC screen only, (B) Duplicate, (C) Extended, (D) Second screen only. Select and Click on Option (C) Extended... Voila! Now go to your CorelDraw application and click on Trace Popup Dialogue or any other Popup Dialogue. The problem should be fixed now.

    It worked for me and I felt it like sharing because this is the most irritating problem every graphics community professionals must be facing across the world. Let me know it this worked for you! I will be happy to know! :-)

    Attached image for solution