Background saving forgets editing


can please somebody confirm this effect in Corel 2019.

a) Open and edit some Corel file that loads and saves slow (e.g. something with large and many bitmaps)

b) Save your file in the background. Corel Shows the save icon in the toolbar.

c) While Corel saves in the background continue editing (the save incon is shown in the toolbar). I just added some rectangles.

d) Corel completes background saving but the document status doesn't become "dirty". Corel doesn't know the document is changed - no asterix behind the filename - save menu grayed.

If you now close Corel it will not remind you to save your last edits. Everything you have edited while Coreldraw was saving will be forgotten.

Workaround: Edit something after Corel has finished saving in the background. This will make the file "dirty" and the Save option will be available again.

I think Corel has to set the document "dirty" after background saving if editing took place while saving.

What do you see and think?