Photo-Paint Cutout Lab nib not seen, scroll zoom not working, right mouse button not removing detail in preview

Just upgraded to the 2019 Suite.  I stick mainly to CD but on occasion I use Photopaint for some quick edits, but mainly to do knockouts using the cutout lab feature.  I just pulled it up here and noticed a few things that don't seem to be working like in the previous versions.

1. NIB NOT SEEN - I can see the pointer/cursor, but I am not able to see the nib (little clear circle showing the size of the nib).  

2.  ZOOM NOT WORKING WITH SCROLL WHEEL ON MOUSE - The zoom seems to work fine in PhotoPaint as well as in Draw. But the only way to zoom in the Cutout Lab feature is to use the +/- icons at the top which slows my workflow down.

3.  RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON NOT REMOVING DETAIL IN PREVIEW MODE - After setting up the item to be cut out, filling the space and hitting the "Preview" button in the bottom left corner, I can see the preview and can change the background color.  In past versions I was able to click on the + Add Detail brush button (top right) and add to the edges where I needed to clean them up.  At the same time, I could click on the right mouse button to remove or erase detail.  This isn't working.  To remove detail I have to click on the - Remove Detail brush and use the left mouse button.  Again, technically it works but slows down workflow considerably.  

Like I mentioned I just upgraded yesterday so I hit the 'Check for updates' button but didn't see any update/service packs yet.  

Anyone else running in to any of these issues?  Thanks!