CorelDraw 2019 Page moving issue

Just wondering is anyone else having this problem...

I create a multi-page document... for instance lets say a Mass Booklet.

When editing the document pages, some of the pages move out of sync, ie. page 6 moved to page 8, etc...

Any suggestions? Designed a 44 page book today, emailed the customer the proof... 8 of the pages had moved page position.

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  • Even on pages you are not working on?

    When I have seen that - by clicking on a grayed-out button - it acts as though I had clicked on the page tab that is behind that button.

    If it is not a really fast click, then pressing the button down "picks up" the page tab. CorelDRAW slides the tabs around then, so releasing the button "drops" that page tab on a different page tab - which moves the page.

    I'm not saying that is what is happening to you; just that I have seen it happen myself. I can avoid it by being careful not to click on a grayed-out button.