CorelDraw 2019 Page moving issue

Just wondering is anyone else having this problem...

I create a multi-page document... for instance lets say a Mass Booklet.

When editing the document pages, some of the pages move out of sync, ie. page 6 moved to page 8, etc...

Any suggestions? Designed a 44 page book today, emailed the customer the proof... 8 of the pages had moved page position.

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  • Any particular reason this is let go so long?  Something as critical as this should be addressed as a HOT FIX ASAP like other developers do.  Some bugs can be let go on for eons, but some really must not, especially when users are blue in the face over it and nothing but silence for months???

    It's not like Corel is ignorant to the problem(s).  Even if never brought up, but should have been caught with thorough testing before release.  What is the problem, short staffed or something?  It's just baffling. : /