CorelDraw not printing everything, Why

It is so frustrating to trying to print with Draw X8. Most of the page will print but it drops portions. I am printing patterns were there are pieces say a front of a dress and it is grouped, then the skirt with is grouped, etc. Then I have grouped the whole page and there is nothing object manager that that looks as if it isn't printing. The print box shows the whole page but then only half prints. I have had this happen so many times it isn't funny. I can sometimes get it to print by copy pasting on to a new page.
The amount of expensive paper I waste is getting tiresome.
It would be nice if I could go back and save these as X5 files because that is the only one of the CorelDraw programs that works for me every time. Yes having to replace the menu bar was a hassle but other than that is still works great in Win10.
I also have 2019 which never works, and if it does it is like waiting for catsup to come out of the bottle. I still can't use it after the updates.
Anyone else have this sort of printing problem?