export picture contains Lens Effect to .png

Hi there :D

I'm a newbie here,so i'd like to ask something.

I made such a window bar in cdr X3, and inside it there's something  round with LENS effect, so the picture inside the round shaped is transparent. But I want to export -only- the round shaped (which is contains the Lens or transparency effect) to .png . But when I opened it in photoshop, it wont transparent anymore T-T.

I cant export only the whole picture , bcoz i use it in game project, which is should exported to .png separately (the window bar and the round shaped) as a different files.

what should I do?

PLz help me......thankss

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  • Export Selected Only

    From CorelDRAW, you can export selected objects only by checking the "Selected only" option in the Export dialog.

    Transparent Background

    Check the "Transparent background" option from the second Export dialog. This option is available for Grayscale and RGB PNGs.