when I import jpeg's they are bigger than original graphic

I create graphix in illustrator and photoshop that need to stay at very precise sizes.  I use the graphix to cut out parts on a laser.  For example one part needs to be 2.0  inches long and the part it fits into needs to be 2.003 inches long.  The laser requires corel draw to operate (I'm using Corel 3).  When I import the jpegs into corel draw they are gigantic.  Well maybe not gigantic but they aren't 2.0 inches and 2.003 inches anymore they are more like 6 or 8 inches long.  This means I have to resize them all.  This gets hazardous because its easy to get a few thousandths off if you're eyeballling it.  I create the jpegs at 300 dpi.  Is there any way to get them to import at EXACTLY the same size they were in illustrator and photoshop?   Like if it was 2 inches in illustrator and  I import it, it will say 2 inches in corel?  Or if there isn't a way to do that, is there a way to precisely shrink them by some factor like, oh I don't know, maybe 24% or something like that?