Corel Draw X3 freezes.

Now and again when trying to open a file in Corel Draw X3, as soon as you select the file to open, it just hangs there and freezes. The file isnt even a big file, ie 300k!!!

If you then look at the Task Manager it shows not responding.

It doesnt do it on every file either, just now and again.

anyone got any ideas what this could be?

Just incase its needed, the PC is running windows 2000.



  • Dose it happens with every file or with one in particular. If it is happening with every file, change your workspace to default if you have a custom workspace and/or hold F8 while starting DRAW and restore factory settings when asked. If the problem shows in a particular file, try converting the file to CMX format, using the macro to convert files, or going into the DOS prompt and type the following commands. cdrconv.exe -cmx32 Regards

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