I am looking for a site that has CorelDRAW tutorials of complete projects.  I just finish a "Creating Vector Eyes with CorelDRAW " and I'm amazed at how much I actually learned.  I guess I'm a hands on learnerSmile.  The site had a lot of Adobe Illustrator tuts but I want to find Corel only tutorials. 

I've seen the posts on this fourm talking about tutorials but this is my specific question I would like feedback on.

Thanks ahead~*~


  • Patty,
    I encourage your to visit our site at unleash.com. We have hundreds of tutorials on CorelDRAW. Many of them are free and some are commercial tutorials. You may also want to investigate our CorelDRAW Unleashed training products.
  • Hi Patty,

    maybe you want to check out www.vectorjedi.com. The site is permanently growing and offers some tutorials for CorelDRAW and Corel Photopaint. All of them are free, as the founders want to make knowledge on how to work with the CorelDRAW Suite accessable to everyone. Another site is Phoenix GFX which has some tutorials frequently. The Wiki section on CorelDRAW.com is a great pool too.

  • Hi Patty, you will learn a lot from Foster and Mo .

    Also Foster has some very good e books for sale I recomend them.

    To help you further.

    Go to help > hints. This will give you a hint on any tool that you select.

    Go to help > help topics > contents > getting started > workspace tour.

    The workspace tour will give you a understanding of all the tools available and the desktop.

    When you start Corel Draw you will see in the start menu the words documentation > content manual and a guide book and video tutorials good places to start learning along with the help files.

    Up the top of this screen you will see Corel.com . > click on this and on new screen > resources > tutorials or tips and tricks.

    This forum will help you as you need advice