Major Slowdowns Still an Issue

Last week, oddly enough, the system - XP-pro - did fine, and I got huge amounts of work done on the new master product catalog.  Come yesterday, and I'm back to a crawl.  DRAW X3 is taking 4 minutes to load, with no other user Apps running.  I don't see how the problem could be the overloaded View Manager, which various people here suggested as the source, as there is no file involved.  When I do load a file, I notice that some pages do just fine now with Copy and Paste, while with others it can take half a minute to Copy/Paste a single word.  The Catalog is formatted as a series of two page spreads, with standardized headings, etc. and typically several product photos of moderate size, standardized text blocks with bullets, diagrams and specification charts.  If I have 6 or so such spreads open, I can go to one and see no major slowdown, while the next one is sluggish to absurdity, with nothing I can isolate as a different element..

I'm not supposed to be downloading anything, which pretty much stops me cold as far as using one of the View cleaners. 

But, rather than bend company policy, management has limited options, one of which would be to buy a more recent version of DRAW.  I recall someone writing to the effect that one of the later versions was able to delete all View Manager data, which might or might not solve the problem.  So, can anyone tell me which version started offering that capability?  Are there similar problems of huge slowdowns with later versions of DRAW, as well?

  • Hello Phil; Do a search for %TEMP%, and select all of the temp files. ( Windows will NOT let you delete anything that is being usde, So it's best to do that after a fresh reboot.) Clean out the "Spy Ware". Defrag the hard drives. Use a "Registry" Cleaner ( I use Warp Registry Cleaner, It's Free.) Do these four things in the order listed and things should improve. There are a lot of other things that could be done, But I think these are the main ones, and should be done every week.


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