upgrading to coreldraw x8

Maybe this is a stupid question. 

I've used X3 for the last 10 years very happily. I've just got a new laptop with win10 and I can't load x3 onto it.

I'm accepting that x3 is now obsolete and happy to buy x8 so that it will run on the laptop.

But, will i be able to simply open my old files created using x3 on the new x8? 

Can't seem to find an answer anywhere

  • Depends on what's in your files. Fountain fills, transparencies, custom spot palettes, text handling and fonts for a few examples have had serious upgrades in the last 6 versions. 2017 is the latest version, you pay one way or another, you will pay the cost of not having incremental upgrades. A good bit to bite off at one time, IMO.
  • Hello cafepete; You should be able to open older files....... You can download the trial of 2017 for FREE and give it a try.........both X8 and 2017 have Corel Font Manager and that is worth the price of 2017....I THINK.