Help me.... (File take very very very long time to open)

Dear anybody,

I'm using Corel Draw X3, and just few days ago some of my cdr files take very very long time to open.

File with 4MB size take time about 15-20 minutes to open, and after it's open the copy and paste is having the same problem.

But some other files are just fine.

Could any body help to solve my problem? What's wrong with my cdr files?



Aman S

  • This may be due to your anti-virus program scanning the file as it is being opened, or the file is on a network server, or possibly both.

    If you have an anti-virus running on your system, try turning it off and then load a file that usually takes a long time to load. If you do not notice a difference in speed, then I would try resetting CorelDRAW back to its factory defaults (press and hold down F8 key while starting up Draw, then answer "Yes" to resetting to factory default.)

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